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Thank you for submitting your NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION!
CALENDAR NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION ScubaFy Dive Center  - 1402-C Nevada Hwy - Boulder City, NV 89005 Phone - 702-293-2021 - Email: SCUBAfy@gmail.com
Please allow 24 hours for us to get the information into our scheduling system, and then you can Register for your Classes right from our Calendar with our “Self Book” Feature! PLEASE NOTE:  YOU MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE FOR EACH CLASS. PLEASE DO NOT JUST “SHOW UP”, AS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE YOU.
Dear New Student:  Congratulations, and thank you for choosing SCUBAfy Dive Center for what will hopefully be some of the most exciting times of your life. When you descend beneath the surface of the water, you will be entering a new and beautiful world. You have opportunities to view incredible life forms that only a few ever see. SCUBA Diving is a fantastic, rewarding and educational experience. It also requires certain responsibilities, in order to maintain a high degree of safety.  OUR responsibility to YOU is: 1.     To provide education on safe diving during your course, including Academic Knowledge Development, Skill Development in Confined Water and Skill Application in Open Water. Our course allows for you to complete all of the skills at a relaxed and safe pace. You are permitted up to 6 months to complete your course, unless your Instructor feels you need more time.  If you need more time or more personal attention to complete the course, arrangements can be made.  We won’t give up if you don’t!  Our goal is to make you 100% comfortable when diving. 2.     To provide the equipment for you to learn how to use and care for , including Wet suits, BCs, Weights, Regulator Sets and Tanks. Note: You must have your own PERSONAL GEAR for the Class. (Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Booties).  You may use your own if of acceptable quality, rent them for the entire class for $30, or purchase a complete set for $119.95.) 3.     To provide a Classroom for you to learn your Academic Material ; 4.     To provide a place to practice your skills and techniques ;  5.     The actual diving for you to experience and enjoy;     YOUR responsibility to US is just as important: 1.     You are expected to attend all scheduled Classroom, Confined Water/Pool Sessions and Open-Water Dives; 2.     You are expected to arrive for class on time , prepared with necessary materials and ready to participate.  Each Classroom is between 3 and 4 hours in length.  Pool and Lake Dives are only scheduled during the day and they are generally all day events. 3.     Comply with our Zero Tolerance Policy on alcohol, drugs and tobacco prior to, or during training sessions. 4.     Properly care for the equipment that we provide for your use: 5.     Listen to and heed all safety precautions and instruction during the course; 6.     Complete all of the necessary Enrollment Paperwork, the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk and Medical History. (If the Medical History indicates any condition that may be a contraindication to diving, you agree to obtain a physician’s approval for diving prior to the first in-water session.)   If you are unable to attend the scheduled classroom or confined water/pool sessions or dives, please let us know in advance so that we can make other arrangements and allow others on our waiting list to take your place. The next step in the process to getting you SCUBAfy'd is to book your classes.  We really prefer to schedule every Class in advance to assure that we are scheduling to accommodate all of our students.  Another thing to keep in mind is part of our Agencies Standards states that you must complete your course within 6 months of starting.  If you are actively working on your certification and you are required by your instructor to have more time, we can make an exception. We must prove that you have been consistently active. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN A 2 MONTH GAP BETWEEN ANY OF YOUR CLASSSES, POOLS, OR DIVES, YOU MUST START OVER AT CLASS TWO.  We teach a great deal of material and it is very difficult to retain it all with large gaps in your training. Our calendar is available for you to view and book classes at SCUBAfy.com.  To complete your Open Water Certification you need to schedule in Class #1-2-3-&4, in order, followed by the Pool Sessions.  We require a minimum of 2 pool sessions for you to complete, and we conduct both on each scheduled pool day. Many students are able to complete both in one day, some are not, and need more time.   It is determined by the instructor on an individual basis if you are ready to progress onto the Lake Dives.  Each person is given as much one on one time with either an Instructor or Divemaster as they need to be comfortable.  Let’s face it, if you are NOT COMFORTABLE, why would you ever want to do this?   This is NOT a rush through type program! If you are under any type of a time constraint, we do encourage you to book 3 Dive Days after the Pool session.  If additional pool time is needed before your scheduled Dive Days, we can adjust the schedule accordingly.  We do, however want to make sure we get you in the schedule to insure your space.  Our busiest time is on the weekends and we do have an active standby list.  It is very important when it comes to Pool and Dive Days that you SHOW UP!  There is a $20 rescheduling fee for each NO CALL/ NO SHOW.  We have a substantial Standby List and try to be considerate of others that may be waiting to get into your scheduled time. When you have found days that work for your schedule, you can book them yourself directly on the calendar. You will receive a confirmation as well as reminders through our Scheduling Program.  In the event you have trouble finding classes that work with your schedule you may put in a request or email our Scheduling Department at ScubafyScheduling@gmail.com  and we can help to get you scheduled.  We make the schedule according to the demand.   We never place a class on the schedule unless we have students booked for that particular class.  We recommend emailing rather than calling as Scheduling is done off-premise and it is faster and easier to reach them and get a reply. You will receive Class Reminders, as well as Invites directly from the program.  If you are not receiving your invites within 2 days of your scheduled class, check your spam folder.  If the invite is not in your spam folder please call (702-293-2021  ) Ext. 2# or email us at SCUBAfyScheduling@gmail.com , either your email is wrong in our system or human error.  If you are receiving your invites on a Macintosh-based device, make sure you read the text portion of your invite for correct time.  We have seen the programs create conflicting times in the past. Once you are certified, you, your friends and family are welcome to join us on Club Outings and Trips as well as for ourScuba Club Meetings on the Second Thursday evening of each month. Again, thank you for choosing SCUBAfy Dive Center and we truly look forward to “SEEING YOU IN THE WATER!!! Yours for safe diving, Charlie and Holly Franks Founders of... SCUBAfy Dive Center Scheduling Department  1402-C Nevada Hwy  Boulder City, NV 89005  702-293-2021  www.SCUBAfy.com Regular Email:   SCUBAfy@gmail.com  Scheduling Email:   SCUBAfyScheduling@gmail.com Facebook SCUBA FY Not just certified… “SCUBAfy'd”!